Bianca Argimón

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Bianca Argimon

Born in Brussels in 1988, Bianca Argimón lives and works in Paris. After having attended the National School of Decorative Arts, the Sèvres workshops and the Rhode Island School of Design, she graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris (workshop of Jean-Michel Alberola).

Winner of the contemporary drawing prize of the Beaux-Arts de Paris / Guerlain in 2016 and the Lafayette Anticipation prize in 2018, she is currently in residence at the Casa de Velasquez (Madrid).

Bianca Argimón develops a multidisciplinary practice centered around drawing but also sculpture and installation. Her work presents a visual universe that combines politics, philosophy and humor.

Bianca Argimon, Magic bean

“I realize that today’s society is constantly changing, recycling images as quickly as technologies go out of date. I thus pay particular attention to the physical, moral and political circumstances of the world with an attitude that is sometimes revolted, sometimes utopian.

I lean over it as one leans over images, articulating contemplation and desire for action. Summoning the sharpness of our gaze and our taste for fiction and for the game, it is a question of searching in a swarm of details, these allegories in order to construct stories so artificial that they become real.

I try to go beyond evocations of myths or phantasmagoria, by mixing eras and updating them: from Flemish masters to icons of modern technology, including the black romanticism of the 19th century. We can say that my drawings, sculptures, and installations, speak of the weather at home, on this panicked planet, a political and social time where seeing and representing is already a way of acting. “

Bianca Argimon


  • Notable exhibitions: "Error 404", personal exhibition at the Jean Cocteau cultural center - Les Lilas (2020), "Par anomie", personal exhibition at the Galerie Mansart -Paris (2019), "Going South", personal exhibition at the Panacea - Montpellier (2018)
  • Winner of the Contemporary Drawing Prize (2016) and the Lafayette Anticipation Prize (2018)
  • Residences: Casa de Velasquez - Madrid (2020), Cité des Arts -Paris (2020), Villa Belleville -Paris (2017/2018), Residence of the Hermès Foundation (2017)
  • Collections: Diamond Collection, New York (2013), SAM Collection (Sandra Mulliez Foundation), France (2014), Ville de Montrouge (2016), Collection of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Paris (2016), MacVal, France (2019)
Bianca Argimon, Euroflot

Introduction of Nikita Dmitriev’s article on Port Magazine “Philosophy at the Tip of the Pencil”

Deploying satire and empathy, passion for both politics and craftsmanship, perfection in classical drawing and a predilection for naive expressiveness – Bianca Argimón’s artistic practice concerns itself with contradictions. Born in Brussels, she studied at Saint Martins, Rhode Island School of Design and École des Beaux-Arts de Paris without ever adhering to the mainstream aesthetic moment– digital videos, Arte Povera-esque installations and performances denouncing global warming – opting instead for weaving, ceramics and drawings as her mediums, encrypting a multi-layered socio-philosophical discourse.

Bianca Argimon, À l’Est d’Eden
View of the exhibition “Error 404” at Centre culturel Jean Cocteau – Les Lilas