Eric Antoine

Vit et travaille en Alsace - France

For more than a decade, the artist has worked with collodion process, placing images’ tangibility at the very heart of his practice. In an approach that can be linked to sculpture, Eric Antoine produces shimmering, silvered photographs that are also objects. Without the slightest trace of nostalgia, his approach is an emancipating discipline. The photographer totally controls his process; thus, he achieves an ideal fusion between form and spirit, between artistic research and his most intimate story.

Artist’s work is inseparable from his life, both in its daily aspects and in its essential quests. Eric Antoine questions time passing, memory, healing of wounds and hope, discreet and unchanging. Symbols and allegories draw the geography of the photographer’s mind. The sensation of isolation, a real thread running through his work, reveals the choice of a life close to nature, far from the clatter of the world. This solitude is as beneficial as it is fertile. It is a distancing that allows us to clearly see the world and its drifts. All in suggestion and subtlety, artist’s works firmly denounce the quest for sensationalism.

Eric Antoine aims to show an objective reality, with aesthetic sublimation. His precise representations of objects remind the thinking of the new German objectivity. Paradoxically, he sometimes embraces the flaws, drips and quirks of wet collodion, thus coming closer to a pictorialist approach.

Actually, Éric Antoine’s photographic practice is satellite. His work synthesizes these two irreconcilable artistic currents, in order to subvert them. This way, he questions image’s status in our contemporary societies, denounces world’s torments and invites us to appreciate the simplest and most hidden beauties