Lola Reboud

Lives and works between Paris, Bruxelles and Marseille
Lola Reboud - Les Climats II
Lola Reboud - Les Climats II - 12
Lola Reboud - Les Climats I - 01
Lola Reboud - Les Climats I - 11

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Portrait Lola Reboud
Lola Reboud

  Lola Reboud, born in 1982, studied at the Beaux-Arts of Cergy ENSAPC, at the Arts Décoratifs of Paris ENSAD, and then at the Magnum Photo agency in New York.   The guiding principle of her artistic approach is to highlight the dense and complex relationship we have with Climates. This notion of “climate” refers to living places as both geographical and human environments; characterized by a particular atmosphere, a contrasting reality, a culture and a history.  

Lola Reboud’s photographic work stands between a documentary and narrative approach. It is also enriched by collaborations with geographers, volcanologists and oceanographers. In order to fully translate the singularity of a place, Lola Reboud creates atmospheric tones specific to each place by playing with colours and staging, and she subtly places her works in the local iconographic and artistic context. She composes references to cultural and social history, in particular through the use of various printing media (Carrara marble, textiles, wallpaper, etc.)

Lola Reboud, Pine o Alep – Tanger, 2011

Lola Reboud has had numerous exhibitions in France and internationally, including Galerie Ibasho in Antwerp (2021), Polyptique Marseille (2019), Fond de dotation Agnès b., Paris (2019), Bibliothèque Nationale de Pierrefitte (2018), Collection Yvon Lambert in Avignon (2017), Kyotographie Photo festival, Kyoto (2013), Nooderlicht PhotoFestival (…). She has also been exhibited personally, at the Centre culturel Una Volta, Bastia (2020) and in the French Institutes of Phnom Penh and Kyoto.  

Lola Reboud is regularly invited in artist residencies, such as at the French Institute of Cambodia and Photo Lux in Lucca, Italy, in 2018. She also participated at the CNAP photographic commission “Youth in France” in 2017 and at the TARA Mediterranean expedition in 2014. Her series “Les Climats II (Japan)”, for which she received the CNAP grant for documentary photography in 2013, was published with Poursuite éditions. Her works are notably collected by Agnès B., Arthothèque d’Evry, CNAP, Fondation Hermès, Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Fond Pierre Bergé, Ville de Levallois.

Lola Reboud, Noor – Tanger, 2011

Les Climats II - 01
Lola Reboud, Les Climats – Untitled (Japan Sea), 2013