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Romain Langlois

Lives and works in Cancale – France

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Romain Langlois

Romain Langlois is a self-taught sculptor who engages in a headlong confrontation with matter, refining his technique to the point of complete mastery. His rich, shape-shifting work encompasses sculpture and land art, stemming from his patient observation and celebration of nature.

The artist plays with visual confusion, creating spectacular pieces from trunks and bark cast in bronze and calcite, where Himalayan peaks give way to monuments, and rocks blossom into effusions of violent colors in their most intimate nooks and crannies. Melding disciplines, and bringing together scientists, writers, and NGOs, he explores themes arising from the Anthropocene and other important human crises.

Romain Langlois is a generous soul who celebrates fragility, catching our contemporary, over-solicited, impatient eyes to focus on the transience of things and beings that we can no longer see. He is the founder of 111-Days.

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  • Works presented in numerous institutional collections, such as the OFI, Matmut, Fondation Bulukian…  
  • 2016: Cell Garden project in Japan and Indonesia
  • 2017: public commission of a monumental work, “Oriental Gate,” Suzhou, China
  • 2019: “Symbiose” project and residency in the Calanques National Park, Cassis, France
  • 2019: presentation of the Aken sculpture to the Palace of Nations, Geneva, created with displaced people and association Les Utopistes en action