Photography - Mixed-media

Sanja Marušić

Lives and works in Amsterdam - Netherlands

Works for sale

Sanja Marusic

Dutch-Croatian photographer Sanja Marušić, born in 1991, studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK). Her practice emanates from photography and diverts to painting and collage techniques, resulting in mixed media art.

Marušić travels the world to create otherworldly images. She uses herself as a prop in self-made costumes, creating one-minute human sculptures in outstretched, desolate landscapes with hard sunlight and bright contrasts.

She manipulates her images so the landscape and the the moment itself becomes more abstract, creating a surreal new world, using it as a kind of escapism for herself and the viewer.

In 2020, she signed the 11th artistic carte blanche for the Pernod Ricard group dedicated to supporting the contemporary scene, featured in Paris Photo.

Sanja Marusic, Eutierria 20, 2019
Sanja Marusic, Eutierria 5, 2019
Sanja Marusic, Merry Ruinen 3, 2021