Terencio Gonzalez x Jeune Création

Terencio Gonzalez is one of the artists selected for the 69th edition of Jeune Création which will be held at the Fiminco Foundation!

The association Jeune Création, committed to artists and art lovers, will present a new edition which is the fruit of the support and enhancement of the work of a hundred contemporary artists through an exhibition on 1500 m2 , programming, debates and a course of associated events. A wonderful moment of meetings between artists, professionals and art lovers, Jeune Création is a platform allowing mutualisation and shared and united projects.

The 69 th edition of Jeune Création will inaugurate the new exhibition space “La chaufferie” of the Fiminco Foundation in Romainville from January 25 to February 2, 2020.

More info here : https://www.jeunecreation.org/69e-informations/

1 exhibition, 57 international emerging artists, 31 independent prizes, 2 tours beyond the walls, performances, projections,… All supported by an association for and by artists!

Vernissage de la 69ème édition le 25 janvier 2020
Chaufferie de la Fondation Fiminco
43, avenue de la commune de Paris
93230 Romainville 
Métro 5, Bobigny – Pantin – Raymond Queneau

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